Who Should Read?

A little quiz. Do you and your partner:

  • Continually look for new and interesting things to do on a weekend or a vacation?
  • Like to travel and explore the most interesting and iconic places in the world—not to speak of around your own home?
  • Prefer active and learning-based travel, rather than lounging on beaches and at pools?
  • Want the travel experiences of the big tour companies, but don’t want to be locked into rigid itineraries or herded around in big groups?
  • Enjoy finding and exploring the newest and most interesting restaurants, wineries and events—and combining them into memorable days?
  • Use every day as an opportunity to learning new things and meeting new people?
  • Want the flexibility and self-satisfaction (not to speak of the cost savings) of planning your own experiences around your own interests, rather than relying on pre-packaged
  • Want to share your experiences and learning with others, and get their help in planning your own experiences?

If you answer “yes” to at least half these questions, you should gain value from our blog.