DC Walking Tours

Gtown-M St

We have done guided tours of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and the Pentagon. this trip, we were looking forward to a few others–Georgetown, the State Department’s Diplomatic reception rooms, and especially the White House. We had, for the first time, submitted an application for a White House tour in plenty of [Read more …]

A Day Trip to Alexandria and Arlington National Cemetery

Arling-headstones-g (5)

Alexandria Virginia is one of our favorite small U.S. cities. We once, in our distant, murky past, rented a beautiful historic Old Town townhouse for the spring and even put in an offer to buy one. We return during as many DC visits as possible to reacquaint ourselves with its history, its colonial architecture and [Read more …]

Washington D.C. Museums

Nat Gall-Kerry Marshall painting

Washington is the ultimate museum city. Not only does it have a huge number of absolutely world-class museums, but it has some that are absolutely unique (such as it’s Museum of American History (aka, “the Nation’s Attic), but many of these museums are absolutely FREE. Not surprisingly, we spend much of our DC time in [Read more …]

DC Restaurant and Hotel Experiences

Monaco Hallway

Washington DC Restaurants Our never-ending quest to sample some of the most interesting restaurants in the world continues. This trip included returning to two restaurants that we visited on previous trips and as many interesting new restaurants as we could fit into our very limited time in the city–including a much-anticipated dinner at Komi–one of [Read more …]

Celebrating July 4th in Washington D.C.

4th Parade-people-g

We have always enjoyed DC for its museums, parks, monuments and its historic neighborhoods. More recent trips showed us another, more recently enhanced side to the city–it’s restaurants. We typically time our visits to DC around spring (especially cherry blossom season) and autumn, avoiding the winter snow and especially the oppressive summer heat [Read more …]

Renewing our Relationship with Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is another of our favorite cities. We, in fact, lived here for about three months, visit about once a year and plan to live in the city again, for at least another three months. Given this, we know the city quite well, have done most of the things we want to do (or [Read more …]