Benefit Saturday in Central Vermont

Benefit 1 - Coolidge Church

Saturday is normally a day of community and church suppers in towns throughout Vermont and much of small town New England. This has been especially true this month, as a number of communities held benefits to assist victims of Hurricane Irene. We took advantage of three of last weekend’s dozens of opportunities to [Read more …]

The Woodstock-Queeche Area

Woodstock 1 - Queeche Bridge

Woodstock, which is bookmarked by Quechee (with its gorge, VINS center and Simon Pearce glass studio) to the east and Killington (with its ski slopes and hikes) to the west, is one of our favorite towns in the country. Not only is it one of the most beautiful towns in the country (the American Planning [Read more …]

Our Bifurcated Central Vermont Vacation

Bifurcate Foliage 1

Joyce and I are real-life embodiments of passion behind the “I LoVermont” tee-shirts and bumper stickers. We have loved the state since we first began coming here on autumn (for hiking and leaf peaking) and winter (for cross-country skiing) weekends and had seriously considered buying a vacation home (until we decided that a second home [Read more …]

Vermont’s Recovery from Hurricane Irene


We were shocked and saddened by the flood of images we saw from the devastation that Hurricane Irene unleashed on one of our favorite areas, that between Killington and Queeche in Central Vermont. Although we certainly felt for the people who had lost their homes and their livelihoods—not to speak of those who lost their [Read more …]