Catching Up with the New Boston


We finished up the trip to Nova Scotia via Boston. Although we have many friends and memories of the time we lived here, this time we had only a day and a half to catch up with the city. Our initial exposure to the city, from driving into and a brief walk through downtown and [Read more …]

Camden, Maine Restaurants

During our trip, we spent two nights, and had two dinners in Camden Maine: Natalie’s One the first night, we ate at a place we have been to multiple times– Natalie’s. We were too lobstered out from Red’s (not to speak of 1.5 weeks of lobster lunches and dinners in Nova Scotia) to partake in [Read more …]

Up (and Down) the Downeast Coast to Camden, Maine


After deciding to pass on the tempting exhibition at the Portland Museum of Art, it was time to leave Portland Maine. We followed the route we had taken many times before when we lived in Boston. And, since things change slowly on the Maine coast, we did most of the same things we have done [Read more …]

A Night in Portland, Maine


Our ferry from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Portland Maine arrived as scheduled at 6:30 PM. After disembarking and going through immigration and customs (our Global Entry Passes aren’t applicable for travel from Canada but we were at the front of the line and got through quicky), we decided to explore one of the hot, newer [Read more …]

Louisbourg Nova Scotia and its Fortress


The town of Louisbourg is notable primarily as the 18th-century site of the largest (4,000 to 5,000 people on almost 15,000 acres) French military fortress and thriving fishing town on the Atlantic coast. (A fortress, as we learned is a military base that includes a town within its walls.) The Fortress of Louisbourg served as [Read more …]

Cape Breton Highland Restaurants and Entertainment


We ate lunch at four restaurants in towns in and surrounded by Cape Breton National Park: Cheticamp Restaurants Cheticamp, the town at the western entrance to the park, does have a handful of full service, generally family-oriented restaurants that offer a selection of comfort foods (especially pizza), standard popular appetizers, meats, pasta, local favorites (such [Read more …]

Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and the Mina's Basin


Our next stop in Nova Scotia was the Annapolis Valley, a 150 km-long valley that runs along the Mina’s Basin, an estuary that is separated from the body of the Bay of Fundy by the mountainous Cape Blomidon. The region is notable for a number of reasons, including; It’s geology and microclimate, which makes it [Read more …]

Syracuse in Summer 2015: an Event-Filled Weekend


We recently made a short, but event-packed trip to Syracuse New York, mostly to see family, but also to get caught up on what was happening there. Events Hill Cumorah Pageant. We timed our visit specifically to go to this annual happening, a pageant that has been held [Read more …]

Catching Up with Washington, D.C. Restaurants—Spring 2015

Washington DC Restaurants One of our primary missions on any trip is to catch up on restaurants. This trip was no exception. We were able to indulge in four dinners and three lunches. We tried to make the best of them. Washington DC Dinners Rose’s Luxury 2015: Given the ultra-long line at this place, we [Read more …]

Making the Most of a Drive from Appomattox to Shenandoah National Park


  We had a bit of a drive from Appomattox to Waynesboro, where we had planned to spend the night before spending the next day exploring and hiking Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. Although we could have, in theory, driven this distance in about an hour and a half, why should we do than when [Read more …]