A Flightseeing Tour of the Himalayas and Mount Everest


Although our early morning view of the Himalayas from the Namo Buddha Resort was lovely, it only served to whet, rather than satiate our appetite for a closer view of the mountains—particularly Mount Everest. And since we did not budget the time required for a real close-up view, nor did we think we could deal [Read more …]

Katmandu Valley, Nepal—An Overview of Three Cities

crowded streets of Katmandu

Nepal After spending almost a month in highly organized,spotlessly-scrubbed, virtually litter-free Chinese cities, arriving in the Katmandu Valley in Nepal was practically a culture shock. Trash-strewn dirt and pothole streets, chaotic traffic with cars, bikes and motorbikes all blowing their horns to get other vehicles and people out of their way, chickens and occasional [Read more …]