A Day in Shenandoah National Park


  We have driven the park’s Skyline Drive a few times. And now that we have discovered Staunton (see our July 13 post), we will certainly do so again–probably the next time we visit the historic city of Charlottesville. This 115 mile Skyline Drive is lined with pastoral scenes and overlooks that [Read more …]

Appomattox: Where the Civil War Almost Ended

Appomatix-Court House

  Appomattox Court House is the site of Robert E. Lee’s April 9, 1865 surrender to Ulysses S. Grant ended the Civil War. The reconstructed courthouse at which the surrender was executed is the centerpiece of the National Historic Park and the site of the museum. The park also includes 27 neighboring restored buildings [Read more …]

Revisiting the Southeastern U.S.


It had been a number of years since we were in the southeast (excluding Washington, D.C., which we visit every couple years. A return trip was long overdue. This trip covered parts of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia and, of course, D.C. It was bookmarked by two of our favorite cities: Charleston, South Carolina, [Read more …]

Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park


As part of our week in Colorado, we flew into Denver and, after lunch, drove to Boulder, where we met and stayed with friends. Although we did take a little time to stroll along downtown’s fun Pearl Street pedestrian mall, most of our time was spent on hikes and exploring one of the town’s newer [Read more …]

Sedona Area Historical Sites

Montezuma dwellings

Sedona Arizona is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Although it is particularly famed for red rock cliffs, buttes and eerie formations, there is much more to Sedona than staring at the views and hiking the areas numerous trails. The area is loaded with historic sites, art galleries and, even wineries. And [Read more …]

A Day Trip to South Dakota's Badlands National Park

Wall Drug 2

We began our Badland’s tour in Wall, South Dakota, just north of the park’s Pinnacles entrance. The town, as you see every few hundred feet on the 55 mile drive from Rapid City, is dominated by the Wall Drug store, which, once upon a time, began life as a small-town drug store. It is now [Read more …]

A Half-Day in Zion National Park


Since we weren’t able to do a long hike at the North Rim, we decided to leave right after our short morning hike and tale a slight detour, stopping at Zion National Park (a 3 hour drive from the North Rim) before driving partway back to Las Vegas. Although we had been to Zion a [Read more …]

Grand Canyon—The North Rim


We have done the Grand Canyon in pretty much every way you can. We have done the South Rim a number of times. (Including a time when Joyce sprained her knee when she slipped on a patch of early season ice during a partial walk done into the canyon.) On another trip, we drove around [Read more …]