Monterey Peninsula

Outdoor sculptures admidst beautiful landscaping at Hawthorn Gallery

The Monterey Peninsula is under a 2-hour car trip south from San Francisco. The area has a wide range of things to do in addition to just taking in the beautiful views. You can: Kayaking in the Bay; Horseback riding through Pebble Beach; Visited the incredible Monterey Aquarium; Walk or bike Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, [Read more …]

Monterey California

Green Gables PAcific Grove

Monterey is a 2+ hour drive from San Francisco. We periodically travel to Monterey and nearby Pacific Grove to take in the beautiful scenery, and of course, to visit some wineries in Carmel Valley. Oh yes, and to eat at nice restaurants (not that San Francisco’s restaurants aren’t great!) Our summer 2019 trip was no [Read more …]

Monterey Peninsula Food and Wine

Monterey Peninsula The Monterey Peninsula is located on the central California coast. Monterey, Seaside, Carmel, Marina, and Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach are all on this peninsula. It is a beautiful area with great restaurants and wineries, in addition to hiking and beautiful scenery. We have visited many restaurants here over the last decade. Although [Read more …]