Bordeaux Wine Experience Day 3: The Market, Cooking Class and Afternoon in Bordeaux


Day 3 of our Bordeaux Grand Cru Harvest Tour with Ronald and Margaret Rens again started with breakfast at the Château Coulon Laurensac of delicious croissants, yogurt, and fruit. Today was Margaret’s turn to lead us. We boarded our bus with both Margaret and Ronald to go to the seven century-old Creon farmers’ market where [Read more …]

Learning to Cook Thai Food


One of the fun things to do when visiting a country is to learn how to cook their food. Since we love Thai food, we were looking forward to taking a Thai cooking class. Chiang Mai Thailand was a perfect place to do so. After some research, we decided to take a class with Basil [Read more …]

When in Tuscany, Take a Cooking Class

Chianti-cooking class - picci (2)

One of the pleasures of traveling is exploring regional foods. And what better way to explore food than by taking a cooking class! Each of our last three trips to Tuscany have included a cooking class. While the others were in restaurant kitchens, this one was in the kitchen of a personal house outside the [Read more …]