24 Hours from Aspen to Vail: A One-Day Hiking and Dining Odyssey

One can drive between Aspen and Vail Colorado in two hours. But why would you want to? If you have time, you should take a more leisurely route. In fact, you have a choice of two such routes: The “express route”, northwest along Route 82 to the spa city of Glenwood Springs, and then east [Read more …]

Reacquainting Ourselves with Aspen


We recently had an opportunity to get back to Aspen, Colorado. After a quick walk through the town to reacquaint ourselves with the town and its many galleries, we stopped to see the wonderfully renovated Hotel Jerome and the greatly expanded Aspen Art Museum. The renovation of the Jerome lived up to its billing and [Read more …]

Vail Hiking and Dining

panorama-g (2)

We recently enjoyed a fall week in Vail Colorado at a time share. The first two weekends of September in Vail are occupied by Octoberfest (yes, in September) celebrations, a large, open-air Farmers’ and Art Market and a small but nice display of classic cars. Although we planned to go to a restaurant for lunch, [Read more …]

Boulder to Rocky Mountain National Park


As part of our week in Colorado, we flew into Denver and, after lunch, drove to Boulder, where we met and stayed with friends. Although we did take a little time to stroll along downtown’s fun Pearl Street pedestrian mall, most of our time was spent on hikes and exploring one of the town’s newer [Read more …]

Rusty Spurr Ranch: A Fun Day Yelling at Cows

It’s not easy to wrangle cows. First we had to find a County Road 387 off of the main highway in Kremming Colorado. Then we had to drive 4.5 miles on the gravel country road to the ranch. But we finally found our way to the Rusty Spurr Ranch. After being assigned horses and given [Read more …]