Corning Museum of Glass

18th century vase

Corning Museum of Glass, located in Corning New York, houses the largest, most comprehensive collection of glass in the world. It traces the worldwide history of glassmaking over 3,500 years, from its roots in Mesopotamia to the present. Its hands-on displays explain the continually evolving science of glassmaking, demonstrates the art of glassblowing and displays [Read more …]

St. Petersburg Florida as Art Capital

Dali Museum - Discovery of America

We recently spent a few days in St. Petersburg Florida. We last visited the city in 2011 and were pleasantly surprised by the concentration of arts venues in the downtown. We found the same this time, especially the: Dali Museum, with its large, highly representative collection which includes dozens of pictures representing his many styles, [Read more …]

City Center, Las Vegas


The last time we were in LV, the huge City Center complex was still being built. But barely, since work on the largest privately funded development in history ($9.8 billion) was stalled by the crash and loss of funding. After the financial and economic crashes and loss of the funding needed to complete the [Read more …]

The Art of Boston’s Fenway: Museums, Victory Gardens and Yet More Chihuly


Although our July 4th weekend Boston trip was intended primarily to visit friends and reacquaint ourselves with a “real” Fourth of July celebration, we also took the time, as in all our trips to the city, to reacquaint ourselves with some of the areas we most enjoyed. High on our list was the Fenway. Although [Read more …]

The Tacoma/Seattle Art Glass Scene in One Day

We love art glass—blown glass in every conceivable shape and color. A trip to St. Petersburg, Florida’s Chihuly Collection merely served to whet our appetite. We were, after all, about to head off to Seattle Washington—the virtual birthplace of American glass art and home of “the glass master” himself, Dale Chihuly. We began our periodic [Read more …]