Central Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a city of neighborhoods, each with its distinct character. The central part of the city, including the plaza around which it was founded and the cities main commercial streets, blend some of the city’s historical past, with its bustling present. Plaza de Mayo This lovely square, which is the city’s historic center [Read more …]

Why Buenos Aires is our Favorite World-Class Latin American City

Why Buenos Aires is our Favorite World-Class Latin American City We have not yet visited all of Latin America’s largest cities, but we have been to many–Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio, Lima, Quito and Santiago. Although we were awed by Mexico City’s history and by Rio’s magnificent scenery, social life (especially the over-the-top week of [Read more …]

Buenos Aries Restaurants--Fancy, Plain and with Tango


We tried to eat at a wide range of Buenos’ Aires restaurants, all types of specialties and price ranges. But as much as we sought diversity, one thing held pretty common through the entire trip—most of our (especially Dave and my) meals were based on meat. On one hand, we felt guilty for eating more [Read more …]

The Many Faces of Buenos Aries’ Palermo Section


Palermo is a large area consisting of multiple sub-neighborhoods. There is the old residential section, Palermo Vieja, to the east, the hip Palermo Soho (named for its edgy resemblance to the New York neighborhood) to the west, and, a bit further north, the emerging Palermo Hollywood area (for its television and film industries). And this [Read more …]

Buenos Aries’ Recoleta Section


We arrived at out hotel at 4:00 pm. No time to waste if we wanted to see the city in three days. Recoleta History After checking into our very comfortable apartment in the Recoleta district’s Art Suites, we appropriately began our tour at the Recoleta Cemetery, the home of the lovely mausoleums of the city’s [Read more …]