Catching Up with the New Boston


We finished up the trip to Nova Scotia via Boston. Although we have many friends and memories of the time we lived here, this time we had only a day and a half to catch up with the city. Our initial exposure to the city, from driving into and a brief walk through downtown and [Read more …]

Syracuse in Summer 2015: an Event-Filled Weekend


We recently made a short, but event-packed trip to Syracuse New York, mostly to see family, but also to get caught up on what was happening there. Events Hill Cumorah Pageant. We timed our visit specifically to go to this annual happening, a pageant that has been held [Read more …]

Washington, D.C. Art Museums—Spring 2015

Nat Gallery-Childe-vg

  As with our return trips to most of our favorite cities, this trip focused on museums, walking tours (both guided and independent) and of course, restaurants. We devoted so much time to museums and visitor centers that we have divided these stops into two posts: One focused on art museums and on history [Read more …]

Asheville, NC: All we Remember, and More

Asheville-Tall bldg

  Art, music, great food, a young, fun-living culture: what’s not to love? Our first, and until now, only visit to Asheville was almost accidental, as a stop at the end of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We certainly "covered the necessities", such as walking the city, exploring the galleries and touring [Read more …]

New York City Museum and Art Update—Beyond the Whitney

The Morgan Library is a museum and an independent research library that began as the private library of Pierpoint Morgan. His collection of historical manuscripts, early printed books, and old master drawings and prints continue to be augmented with important music manuscripts, early children’s books, Americana, and materials from the twentieth century. Its permanent collection [Read more …]

Opening Day at the New Whitney Museum


We were going to be in New York City on the opening day at the long-awaited, new Whitney Museum. We assumed that our prospects for scoring opening day tickets would be slim to none. In fact, after a phone call to the museum and following their Web site for weeks, we had even given up [Read more …]

Bouquets to Art 2015


Gardens aren’t the only place to see beautiful spring flowers. Now, during the DeYoung Museum’s 31st annual Bouquets to the Arts festival, some of the most beautiful blooms are indoors-complementing some of the museum’s most beautiful pieces of art. This year, more than 100 of the Bay Area’s most talented floral designers have [Read more …]

Alcatraz: Ai Wei Wei and More


Been to Alcatraz lately? It has been more than ten years since we visited and toured the island even through it is almost right outside of our back door and we see it daily from our windows. Although we certainly enjoyed our initial tour, we didn’t really feel a need to return. That was [Read more …]

Catching Up with San Francisco Museums – Summer 2014

One of the few downsides of regular travel is that it often forces you to miss or at least postpone taking advantage of things in your home city. And since so much is always happening in San Francisco, there is a lot to miss. Fortunately, our summer trips were outside of theater season, which meant [Read more …]

Catching up with Chicago – 2014

park overview-g

Our 2014 Chicago trip was designed primarily around two a chance to visit two “art” exhibits: An Art Institute of Chicago exhibit of Rene Magritte’s work from his most productive and innovative period, between 1926 and 1938; and A visit to three of Frank Lloyd Wright [Read more …]