Frank Lloyd Wright’s Racine Wisconsin Legacy


As you may remember from our 2012 Blog, A Morning in Oak Park with Frank Lloyd Wright, we are huge Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) fans. So, when we read that not only had Wright’s legendary SC Johnson Administration Building in Racine, Wisconsin been opened for seasonal tours, but also that the newly renovated Wright­-designed Research [Read more …]

Chicago Architectural Tours-2013

Expo-Art Inst

We, as discussed in previous Chicago blog posts, love Chicago architecture and the incredibly informative tours that the Chicago Architectural Foundation provides to explain and provide broader sociological context around this architecture. Although we have, so far, taken fewer than 20 of the more than 90 different tours offered by CFA, we notch up one [Read more …]

DC Walking Tours

Gtown-M St

We have done guided tours of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and the Pentagon. this trip, we were looking forward to a few others–Georgetown, the State Department’s Diplomatic reception rooms, and especially the White House. We had, for the first time, submitted an application for a White House tour in plenty of [Read more …]

New York City Walks: 2013

Brooklyn Park Slope homes-g

New York City Walks We always rack up many walking miles in New York. Joyce tracks the miles on her pedometer and mandates at least 10,000 steps a day (5 miles), but we often achieve 20,000 steps or 7-10 miles each day. Most of our walks are in the areas we know quite well: the [Read more …]

Miami Activities Update

Basel art-g (8)

Every time we leave Miami, we think we have seen and done pretty much all of the most of the interesting things the city and surrounding area (from Palm Beach through the Keys) has to offer. But in planning for each new trip, we discover we were wrong. In addition to the many do-agains, we [Read more …]

Celebrating Miami Architecture

Ocean Blvd-nite-g

While Miami is increasingly becoming known as an art center, it has long been known for its architecture: from Mediterranean Traditional, to Art Moderne to contemporary skyscrapers, and of course, for Art Deco. South Beach has one of the largest, best restored Art Deco districts in the world. And it is displayed to particularly stunning [Read more …]

Berlin Rebuilding

Bldg-shrapnel holes

Joyce and I first visited Berlin in 1991, while the Berlin Wall was still in the process of being torn down. While the Western section was relatively modern and lively, the recently opened Eastern section of the city was characterized by depressing Communist-era buildings and a somewhat foggy atmosphere, like it had just emerged from [Read more …]

The Primary Towns of Martha’s Vineyard

Vineyard Haven-Art Cliff Diner

Although we typically stay in Edgartown, this trip, we did something different: we stayed in Vineyard Haven’s 1720 House inn, which became our base of operations for this visit. Vineyard Haven Vineyard Haven is a cute town, with a scenic harbor. While Main Street is filled with interesting shops [Read more …]

Two Unexplored (at least by us) Boston Gems

Harvard Glass Flowers - vg (3)

We lived in Boston for more than twenty years before moving to San Francisco a decade ago. We thought we had at least seen pretty much everything Boston had to offer. So imagine our surprise when a San Francisco friend told us of a 125 -year old museum of which we had. And then imagine [Read more …]

The Art and Architecture of Downtown Chicago

arch-Geary-Aon (2)

We fell in love with Chicago (albeit not with its weather) 30 years ago, when I worked in the Loop (Joyce worked in the suburbs) and we lived in the mid-North, along Lincoln Park. Although we lived there for only five years, we return every two or three years to visit friends and museums, explore [Read more …]