Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri Wine Tasting

Gambero Rosso is an Italian publishing company that produces the Vini d’Italia wine guide. Each year, its staff tastes and rates more than 25,000 wines, from Italy’s 350 varietals from all of its 21 wine regions. Each year, the guide awards fewer that 500 of these wines its highest distinction—Tre Biccheri. Then the company hosts [Read more …]

Canberra Australia

Canberra National Portrait Gallery

On our way from the Yarra Valley to the Hunter Valley wine regions, we made a brief overnight stop to Canberra (“Canbra”).. Designed specifically as Australia’s capital, Canberra isn’t so much a city as it is an artificial creation to showpiece buildings, museums, open parks and monuments. It was agreed upon in 1901 (and “opened [Read more …]

Beechworth, Victoria Australia

Beechworth 02

Beechworth is an 1850-era gold mining town (and 21st century wine and tourist town) that was our last stop in Victoria before crossing into the country’s capital of Canberra and the southeaster coastal state of New South Wales. The town, overlooks a gorge and a riverbed with an eight-foot deep, 450 yard “trailrace” (a ditch [Read more …]

Yarra Valley Wineries

Not far out of Melbourne is the Yarra Valley Wine region. We explored a handful of recommended wineries to get a flavor for this cool region’s wines. Yearing Station Winery. We didn’t have the palate to appreciate many of their very light-bodied entry-level “Village” wines, but did enjoy a number of their more premium wines. [Read more …]

Southern Tasmania Wine Region

Not too far out of Hobart Tasmania is the southern Tasmania Wine region. Nature in this area has its salubrious effects. Take, for example, the impact that the winter rains, the cool climate, the bright sun and the ocean breezes have on grapes: The slow ripening of grapes over many months results in clusters of [Read more …]

Tasmania Australia: Port Arthur


Tasmania, or “Tassie” as the Aussies call it, is an island the size of Switzerland. It lies about 120 miles off the south coast of Australia—the last stop before Antarctica. Although discovered by Europeans as early as 1642, it was first settled as a harsh British penal colony. Today, life in Tassie is much less [Read more …]

Mornington Peninsula Wine Region

Sorrento houses 02

Our primary reason for staying in Queenscliff Australia was to catch a ferry the next morning to go into the Mornington Peninsula Wine Region. This cool climate region, just off the Tasman Sea, specializes in pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot gris and lesser amounts of even some Syrah. Our ferry let us off in the peninsula [Read more …]

The Great Ocean Road in Australia

Bay of Islands 06

The Great Ocean Road is a famous route that takes you through breath-taking beauty along the south-eastern coast of Australia. Although the Great Ocean Road generally runs from Port Fairy on the west, to Queenscliff on the east, the most scenic stretch covers less than half this distance, generally that between Port Campbell and Apollo [Read more …]

Port Fairy Australia

Port Fairy buildings 01

We were ready to go to our next Australian state: Victoria. To get there, we drove south from Adelaide for two hours and hit the coast of the Tasman Sea at the lovely seaside town of Portland. Beaches to the west of the city turned to cliffs overlooking the sea in the town, then to [Read more …]

Barossa Valley Wine Region

Yalumba Winery

South Australia Wine Regions We went to Adelaide Australia to see the city. But we also went there as a jumping off point for wine regions. After all, te Adelaide area is like Australia’s Northern California…home to many of the country’s best winegrowing regions and wineries. In exploring wine regions the world over, we can [Read more …]