Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

governor house ruins 01

From Montevideo Uruguay, we made our way by a comfortable 3 hours bus trip to Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO site. This is the oldest city in the country, and was founded by the Portuguese in 1680, conquered by the Spanish and returned to Portugal a couple of times before being seized by Brazil, and [Read more …]

Uruguay Wine Country

Wine Country Uruguay has more than 200 wineries spread across about half a dozen different wine regions including Colonia, Canelones, Rivera, San Jose and Salto. While each has its unique terroir and is suited to different grapes, the country does produce a wide range of both white wines (including albarino, chardonnay and riesling) [Read more …]

Montevideo Uruguay South America

Artigas status in independence sq

This was our first trip to Uruguay and we started it in Montevideo. After 17 hours of travel (and 3 plane changes), and a needed night’s sleep, we oriented ourselves by taking a guided walking tour of the Old Town from The Spanish founded Montevideo in 1724 as a naval base. We started our [Read more …]