Cartagena Restaurants and Hotel

  Our perpetual dilemma in any city: so many restaurants and so few meals at which we have a chance to try them. The following is a list of the best of those we did try, in descending order of our impressions of them. Dinners Carmen. This was a wonderful dining experience, from the atmosphere [Read more …]

The Museums of Cartagena


No visit to a city is complete without us exploring some of the more interesting museums. Cartagena was no exception. Palace of the Inquisition The huge and beautifully restored palace, at the head of Simon Bolivar Square, has gruesome history which is told in the first floor of the museum. It was the local headquarters [Read more …]

Cartegena By Area

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Old Town Like many tourists, we chose to stay in and devote most of our visit to the Old Town area, surrounded by the ancient walls and the sea. As we explored the Old Quarter, we ran into block after block contained beautifully detailed, fully restored, colorfully painted 300-500 year old buildings, many with bougainvillea [Read more …]

Cartagena Colombia


Cartegena, which had been settled since 4000 BC, was founded by the Spaniards in 1533. It rapidly grew into the country’s largest port in the Americas and a major trading center, especially for gold, silver and slaves. The resulting riches attracted more merchants, who built stately homes. They also attracted multiple attacks by pirates and [Read more …]

Bogota Restaurants and Hotel


Although we were only in Bogota Columbia for a few day, we did our best to explore many of the city’s finest stand most representative restaurants. Our dinner experiences were at: Club Colombia. This is located in a former lovely old home that is now a restaurant that offers good (and we were [Read more …]

Bogota Museums


Bogota Columbia has many museums. We visited some of the more interesting ones (at least interesting to us), beginning with the two at the top of our list–the Museum of Gold and the Fernando Botero Museum. Museo del Oro, or the Gold Museum, tells the history of gold in Colombia, from its cherished [Read more …]

Bogota, Colombia


Believe it or not, we have never been to Columbia South America. Sure, the history of drugs and violence has been a little bit of a turn off but we understood that Columbia was getting safer and we decided to make an abbreviated trip there to visit to two major cities, Bogota and Cartagena. [Read more …]