A Taste of the Andes Wine Dinner


It has been too long since we have been able to enjoy an in-person dinner that paired food with wine. But they are starting to reappear in the San Francisco area. San Francisco’s Vault Garden teamed up with the Vine Connections (an importer that specializes in Chilean and Argentinian wines) that paired a five-course dinner [Read more …]

Scaling the Andes—A Tale of Four Crossings

Macaws on the mineral lick 6-400

We just returned from our second trip to South America and our fourth crossing of the Andes, Each of the four experiences were totally different. These included: A commercial flight on a large plane that provided stunning views, but little in the way of a unique travel experience; A flight in a small, six-seat plane [Read more …]

Valparaiso and Vina del Mar—Chile’s Coastal Outposts


Chile demands far, far more than the three days we were able to dedicate to central Chile, much less to the full country. But since that’s all we had, we had to make the most of it. We spent only a day and a half (although we did have four nights) in Santiago and had [Read more …]

Exploring Chile's Maipo and Casablanca Valley Wine Regions


What would a short, three-day trip to Santiago Chile be without at least a short spin through wine country? To ensure that we would have at least a brief, high-level exposure to Chile’s wine regions, we retained Santiago Adventures to help us design day tours to explore two of these regions: Maipo Valley, which was [Read more …]

A Day in Central Santiago


Since we had only one single day–Sunday–to see the entire central Santiago area and its museums, we were intent on making the most of the day. We wanted to cover as much of the history, the art and the everyday life of the city in the short time we had available. Santiago History Our informal [Read more …]

Santiago and Wine Country Restaurants

Most of our restaurants were within walking distance of our El Golf hotel. This did not prove to be particularly limiting, since most of Santiago’s best restaurants are in this area, and particularly along Avenida Nueva Costanera’s very upscale restaurant row. Our only culinary excursions outside of this area were in the city’s fish markets [Read more …]

Affluent Santiago--El Golf and Beyond


Santiago, Chile’s upscale, eastern neighborhoods are the home of most of its financial industry, corporate offices and most upscale restaurants and shops. It is also the area in which most tourists—including us—stay. The area, generally referred to as El Golf, is packed with high-end homes, hotels, restaurants and businesses. Since we arrived at our Santiago [Read more …]