A Taste of the Andes Wine Dinner


It has been too long since we have been able to enjoy an in-person dinner that paired food with wine. But they are starting to reappear in the San Francisco area. San Francisco’s Vault Garden teamed up with the Vine Connections (an importer that specializes in Chilean and Argentinian wines) that paired a five-course dinner [Read more …]

Ushuaia Argentina: The World’s Southernmost City

Joyce and Tom at the end of the world 02

We were in Argentina for one purpose: taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica, the 7th continent and one we have always wanted to visit. But first, we had to get to our cruise boat, which was taking off from Ushuaia Argentina. While our Antarctica Adventures will be explored in our next series of posts, this [Read more …]

Buenos Aries Restaurants and Hotel

Our limited time in Buenos Aires (BA) on this trip limited the number of restaurants we were able to sample. We, however, made our best efforts to sample as many good restaurants as our waistlines could accommodate. This visit’s crop consisted of: Sucre (Bajo Belgrano). All the natives with whom we spoke suggested that meat [Read more …]

Buenos Aires Argentina

national congress

Since Buenos Aires (BA) is the hub for flying anywhere in Argentina, and for virtually all flights into and out of the country, we were “forced” to return to our favorite city in Latin America..or else it used to be. But you have to read the entire blog to see why we may have changed [Read more …]

Scaling the Andes—A Tale of Four Crossings

Macaws on the mineral lick 6-400

We just returned from our second trip to South America and our fourth crossing of the Andes, Each of the four experiences were totally different. These included: A commercial flight on a large plane that provided stunning views, but little in the way of a unique travel experience; A flight in a small, six-seat plane [Read more …]

Mendoza-Argentina’s Wine Capital


Although Mendoza was one of the first cities in Argentina to be settled, the only evidence of its colonial architecture is the ruins of a single church. The reason? The city has been leveled by so many earthquakes, that there are virtually no remnants of its past. It is, therefore, now one of the most [Read more …]

Central Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a city of neighborhoods, each with its distinct character. The central part of the city, including the plaza around which it was founded and the cities main commercial streets, blend some of the city’s historical past, with its bustling present. Plaza de Mayo This lovely square, which is the city’s historic center [Read more …]

Patagonia and the Perito Moreno Glacier


We have seen glaciers from land and sea, gone to glacier museums, landed on them from helicopters, drove on them in special all-glacier terrain vehicles, walked on them and trekked on them with crampons. But, for some strange reason, we are always anxious to see and experience new glaciers in new ways. And, since we [Read more …]

Why Buenos Aires is our Favorite World-Class Latin American City

Why Buenos Aires is our Favorite World-Class Latin American City We have not yet visited all of Latin America’s largest cities, but we have been to many–Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio, Lima, Quito and Santiago. Although we were awed by Mexico City’s history and by Rio’s magnificent scenery, social life (especially the over-the-top week of [Read more …]

Buenos Aries Restaurants--Fancy, Plain and with Tango


We tried to eat at a wide range of Buenos’ Aires restaurants, all types of specialties and price ranges. But as much as we sought diversity, one thing held pretty common through the entire trip—most of our (especially Dave and my) meals were based on meat. On one hand, we felt guilty for eating more [Read more …]