Highlights of the South Pacific Islands: From Polynesia to Micronesia in Two Months


Two months is barely enough time to scratch the surface of traveling through a huge, spread-out and diverse region that consists of hundreds of inhabited islands, thousands of uninhabited islets and hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean. Transportation is challenging. Some destinations are served by only one or two flights per week and [Read more …]

Our Tonga Resort

Reef Resort Lodge in Tonga On Tonga, we stayed at the Reef Resort on Kapa Island. The Reef Resort is about 30 minutes from the airport. We arranged our transportation to the resort through them. A taxi picked us up at the airport and took us through the town to a boat dock. The boat [Read more …]

Tonga–Beyond the Whales


Mourelle Cove Our final day on Kappa Island was something of a deceleration and a bit of relief from our previous day on the rough open ocean. We walked down one side of the island to a beautiful, sandy cove for a bit of snorkeling in calm clear water. After selecting our spot along the [Read more …]

Snorkelking with Humpback Whales in Tonga


Snorkeling with Humpback Whales in Tonga Humpbacks whales live and feed primarily in Antarctica. They “summer” in the South Pacific during their annual breeding and birthing periods. And, since it is breeding season, you can hear the enchanting songs of the males from miles away (the 150-200 decibel calls can be heard up to 100 [Read more …]

Tonga—Its More than the Whales

Flying in 01

Tonga, an independent country, is the only kingdom remaining in the South Pacific. It is, however, governed democratically by a parliament that is split between nobles and popularly elected citizens. Small, with a population of only about 115,000 people, it consists of several hundred, primarily small islands in geographically distributed groups that total about 750 [Read more …]