Exploring Goroka, Papua New Guinea


We spent most of our time in Goroka (Papua new Guinea or PNG) at the Goreka Festival (see our 2 blogs on this colorful event) . While there, however, we also had time to explore the streets and to explore a few of the city’s and the region’s sites. J.K. McCarthy Museum The J.K. McCarthy [Read more …]

More Entertainment from the Goroka Festival in Papua New Guinea


Our last blog presented only a partial glimpse into the Goroka Festival in Papua New Guinea. With over 100 various tribes coming together for a transitional sing-sing…all in traditional costumes and body paint—we felt this deserved many more photos of the incredible two days we spent there. So to continue on our review of the [Read more …]

Festival Season Goroka-style


Goroka, Papua New Guinea The town of Goroka in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is part of the original German colony. It, was and still is a major coffee growing and agricultural area. It also has some of the richest clay deposits. These deposits have been exploited for millennia by the famed Asaro Mudmen tribe who [Read more …]