Auckland Restaurants and Hotel

As usual, we found some interesting restaurants while visiting Auckland New Zealand Harbourside Ocean Grill, located in the city’s Ferry Building, is a seafood-centric restaurant where we had three entrée-sized dishes, all of which were good. Whitebait fritter (with lemon and chive butter sauce and fennel was like a whitebait (baby fish) omelet; not quite [Read more …]

Waiheke Island


A 40-minute ferry ride from the Auckland Harbor is a beautiful island called Waiheke Island. We packed as much as we could into a Day trip. The ferry ride provided nice views of Auckland as well as providing evidence of the dozens of volcanos that created, and whose underlying faults still shake the region on [Read more …]

Auckland Art Gallery


Auckland Art Gallery was the only of the city’s museums that we explored while we were in New Zealand’s North Island. The exhibits were wide ranging. These included a couple galleries of European art from the 16thr through 19th centuries, one of European art from the late 19th to mid-20th centuries that provided a high-level [Read more …]

Auckland New Zealand

auckland Viaduct Center

Although we have spent a fair amount of time on New Zealand’s North Island on previous trips, our only stop on the North Island this year was confined to Auckland. Auckland is the country’s largest city and commercial center. It was also the place from which our plane to San Francisco departed (which was the [Read more …]

Eating and Sleeping in Central Otago New Zealand


Central Otago Restaurants We ate at 3 different places while visiting New Zealand’s Central Otago Valley: Mt Difficulty where we had a two-dish lunch. Joyce had broiled Gurnard (a mild, flaky, white/greyish fish) with scallops, asparagus and Kalamata olive and tomato salsa. It was good, but not especially memorable. Tom fared much better with the [Read more …]

Touring Central Otago

Kawara Gorge 02

Although we visited New Zealand’s Central Otaga Valley primarily for its wineries, we also took a little time to briefly explore some of the region’s sights. Some of the most dramatic sights are impossible to miss. Central Otago’s desert-like mountainous landscape is incredible. You are surrounded by tall, jagged mountains: some sheer rock and others [Read more …]

Central Otago Wine Region


After our fabulous Milford Trek, we decided that we needed to get back to some wine tasting while we were in New Zealand. Central Otago was calling us…….. New Zealand’s Central Otago Wine Country Central Otago is the furthest south of any wine region in the world (45 degrees south). It has the coldest and [Read more …]

The Milford Track


The Milford Track on New Zealand’s South Island is one of the most beautiful, famous and accessible multi-day hikes in the world. The 3.5-day trek (plus an additional 1.5 days of travel and time exploring the incredible Milford Sound). While we had previously done some other hiking in New Zealand, taking part of this hike [Read more …]

Queenstown New Zealand (South Island)


After spending over 3 weeks in Sydney and 2 months in Australia, we were ready to move onto our next country….New Zealand. This is our third trip to New Zealand. We have toured many of the country’s primary cities, sights and of course, wine regions. We have partaken in many of the South Island’s primary [Read more …]