Tasmania Southern Wine Region Towns

Callington Mill 01_thumb[1]

During our travels through Tasmania’s Southern Wine Region, we also came across several interesting towns. Richmond Tasmania Richmand Tasmania is located in Tasmania’s southern wine region. It is an 1820-era town with a large number of colonial-era Georgian buildings and structures. Among the most notable are St. Luke’s Church, the Richmond Arms hotel and the [Read more …]

Southern Tasmania Wine Region

Not too far out of Hobart Tasmania is the southern Tasmania Wine region. Nature in this area has its salubrious effects. Take, for example, the impact that the winter rains, the cool climate, the bright sun and the ocean breezes have on grapes: The slow ripening of grapes over many months results in clusters of [Read more …]

Hobart: The Southern Tasmanian Metropolis

Hobart - Salamanca Square 02

From Port Arthur Tasmania, we drove to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Our first stop was Salamanca Place, a complex of rehabilitated limestone warehouses. Artist initially reclaimed and rehabilitated the area. Today it houses the Salamanca Art Centre and dozens of galleries, restaurants, cafes, and crafts stores filled with locally produced goods (wood-carved items, jewelry, [Read more …]