Alice Springs Australia

Alice Spring police station

Alice Springs Australia, in the Northern Territory, was our next stop. Although it is the only metropolis in the region, is not much of an architectural showplace or a cultural hub. “Downtown” generally consists of large, typically one-to-three-story buildings (individual stores like Kmart and Target, shopping malls, government buildings, motels and office complexes) surrounded by [Read more …]

West MacDonnell’s National Park

Simpsons Gap 06

Another beautiful area in Australia’s Northern Territory is West MacDonnell’s National Park. Here, we were able to explore of some of the area’s most striking scenery with its steep mountains, deep gorges and hiking trails. Although the entire park can be explored on foot via the 223 kilometer-long, convict-built Larapinta Trail. one can access the [Read more …]

Australia’s Kings Canyon National Park


From Ayer’s Rock, we drove about 3 hours through the desolate outback to Kings Canon National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. In a region characterized primarily by rolling hills of red (iron-oxide-based) sand and sandstone, low grasslands and bushes, Kings Canyon provides a dramatic break from the routine. The deep canyon, flanked by steep, shear, [Read more …]

Australia’s Outback

outback travelling with gas, tires etc

Before we get into some of the interesting areas in Central Australia, we have to first talk about Australia’s outback. This is a vast land filled with a lot of nothing other than miles and miles of red sand, spiniflex grass and hardy scrub buses and small trees. And of course, it is hot—very hot—with [Read more …]

Australia’s Northern Territory: Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta

Ayers Rock 02

Although we are spending the vast majority of our two months in Australia within about 50 miles of the coast (primarily northeast and southeast), we made one venture into the nation’s vast hinterland. In our case, into Australia’s Northern Territory, an area that covers almost one-third of the continent (more than half a million square [Read more …]