Happy New Year


In 2017, we were fortunate enough to spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney Australia. Here is a fond memory. Every once in a while, we try to experience New Year’s Eve in a major celebration location. In 2014, we went to Hong Kong for the holiday. It was a little disappointing, truth be told. So [Read more …]

Lizard Island Australia


Another wonderful memory. Until we can travel again. We came to Australia’s Barrier Reef primarily to revisit one of the most memorial places and magical places we have ever visited: Lizard Island. To get there, we had to take a small plane from Cairns. Flying to Lizard Island What a hardship…to spend one hour trapped [Read more …]

Australian Wine Winter Trade Tasting


Australian Wines The annual Australian Wine Winter Trade Tasting recently came to San Francisco. It took place at the pretty, The Pearl in the Dogpatch area. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about and sample a wide range of Australian wines from most of the country’s dozens of wine regions—many of [Read more …]

Brisbane’s Northern Sunshine Coast and Noosa

hastings street

While we were in Brisbane, we took advantage of a car and drove to the city’s near north coast. This area is called the Gold Coast, and consists of dozens of suburbs and small beach towns that are known primarily for their beach activities, surfing and deep sea fishing. We skipped through the Gold Coast [Read more …]

Brisbane Australia Art Museums

Aboriginal Art  Les Mirrikkuriya

While in Brisbane Australia, we visited several museums. Queensland Art Gallery The Queensland Art Gallery is a striking contemporary architectural statement for the display of contemporary versions of traditional Australian Art. The current display is divided into three primary exhibitions: an overview of works from its permanent collection; one of masterpieces that reconceptualize the traditions [Read more …]

Brisbane Australia

city hopper

Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia, and the capital of Queensland is the only major city in the eastern half of the country that we had not been to. We rectified that gap on our South Pacific trip as a three-day stopover between Fiji and Papua New Guinea. The Brisbane River, which loops around [Read more …]

Exploring Sydney: Cremorne Point


Once again, Sydney’s ferry system too us to another coastal walk. The quiet residential suburb is nestled between Mossman Bay and a small harbor. It provides lovely views of the CBD skyline, the Opera and the bridge. The proposed plan to develop a large coal seam that was discovered under the city at one time [Read more …]

Exploring Sydney: Watsons Bay and Vaucluse

Macquarie Lighthouse

Thanks to the easy to use Sydney’s ferry system, we spent one of our days in Sydney focused on another rugged coastline—that of the South Head peninsula, of Watsons Bay and Vaucluse. Like the Manly coastline, it consists of a combination of steep oceanside cliffs, jagged rocky shorelines, inviting coves and sandy beaches. Watsons Bay [Read more …]

Exploring Sydney: Balmain


Balmain is another historic village near Sydne that dates from 1800. Many of today’s oldest buildings date from the 1840s and 50s, when the original owner of the peninsula sold it, and it was subdivided into lots that were developed as homes for workers. Larger, grander commercial and public buildings popped up along Darling Street [Read more …]

13 Toranga Zoo


An easy, 20-minute ferry ride in the Sydney Harbor brought us to Toranga Zoo, on the north end of the Harbor. This large, 2,500 animal zoo has a particular focus on indigenous Australian wildlife, although it also has a substantial collection of African and of some Asian animals. Animals are generally displayed in open environments [Read more …]