Great Hikes near Woodstock Vermont


Columbus Day weekend usually turns out to be the prime time for foliage in Central Vermont. Tourists (including us) from all over the world descend on places like Woodstock Vermont to enjoy the foliage and outdoor activities. Peak foliage, however, is subject to the vagaries of nature. Since you have to make reservations well in [Read more …]

Eating Around Woodstock Vermont

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We have been to Woodstock Vermont many times as it is one of our favorite New England places to visit. As foodies, we always try to find the best places to eat. Unfortunately, some of our favorite restaurants are no longer in operation. But some continue to survive. Here are updated reviews of those that [Read more …]

Things to Do in Woodstock Vermont

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No trip to New England would be complete for us without staying at our favorite New England town: Woodstock. We have visited Woodstock so often that we almost feel like natives. This charming late 19th/early 20th–century Currier and Ives-type village was created in 1777 when it became the terminus for the White River Junction Railway. [Read more …]

Bennington Vermont

Bennington Battle Monument

Updated 2021 Driving from Woodstock Vermont to Bennington Vermont can be relatively boring (from Route 4, down Route 7), or very scenic. When we have the time, we take the scenic route, down the lovely Route 100 through Plymouth (the birthplace, homestead, and now Historical Park of President Calvin Coolidge), a through a number of [Read more …]

Tracing the Vermont Cheese Trail

Sugarbush Farms

Vermont cheese. What’s not to love. From Sugarbush Farms’ long-aged cheddars, to Vermont Creamery’s Bonne Bouche aged, ash-ripened goat cheese, to Jasper Hill’s Harbison soft bloomy rind and Bayley Hazen Blue cheeses. We discovered many Vermont cheeses from our many trips to Vermont, from restaurant cheese plates, and from friends. This blog explores some of [Read more …]

Shelburne Vermont

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Shelburne Vermont Museum Shelburne Vermont is just south of Burlington Vermont. It is home to the Shelburne Museum Shelbourne Farm and a handful of other sites, plus lovely views across Lake Champlain to the Adirondack Mountains. Shelburne Museum The Shelburne Museum is a 45-acre, open-air museum consists of about 45, relocated 19th-century New England buildings [Read more …]

Burlington Vermont

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Burlington Vermont: Capital of the Northeast Kingdom Burlington Vermont, the 42,000-person city is the state’s capital, largest city and its largest college town (University of Vermont) and technology hub. Like many well-to-do college/tourist towns, is home to a number of clubs and hip restaurants, and being Vermont, of creameries and microbreweries. The Europeans first settled [Read more …]

Our Muddy Quest for Culinary Nirvana in Rural Vermont

Strafford Road 1

What we go through to discover a restaurant! Although our entire Vermont trip was fun, our big adventure came very unexpectedly, during a quest to scope out a restaurant for our next trip. As readers of our blog know, we take food and restaurant experiences very seriously. We will go hours out of our way [Read more …]

Benefit Saturday in Central Vermont

Benefit 1 - Coolidge Church

Saturday is normally a day of community and church suppers in towns throughout Vermont as well as small New England towns. This has been especially true this month, as a number of communities held benefits to assist victims of Hurricane Irene. We took advantage of three of last weekend’s dozens of opportunities to have authentic [Read more …]

Killington and Beyond—from Bridgewater to Rutland

Kill 1 - North Star

As discussed in our previous blog, Our Bifurcated Return to Post-Irene Vermont, this year’s Woodstock Vermont trip had us spending a week in a timeshare on Killington Mountain. We tried to maximize the use of our time, not to speak of minimizing our driving, by dividing the trip up. We spent about half our days [Read more …]