A Central Texas Itinerary: A Week of Wildflowers, Wine, Food, Music and History in Hill Country


It has been years since we had last been to Austin and San Antonio—too many years. And the last time we were there, we spent all our time in, and driving between, the two cities. This trip we decided to add a detour through the Hill County in addition to exploring the 2 cities. San [Read more …]

Austin: Just How Weird is it?

Austin skyline

We spend the last two days of our Texas trip, which we conveniently planned for the weekend, in Austin. Although I have been in Austin a number of times, most of my time was spend in the suburbs, in meetings and when I had a little extra time in the evening, around the [Read more …]

The Best of the Texas Hill Country—in Two Days

Johnson City silo

We have always wanted to visit the Texas Hill Country during springtime, when the wildflowers were in bloom. Despite a number of business/leisure trips to Austin (and one previous visit in San Antonio), none of the trips seemed to correspond with wildflower season. So, not only did we lose out on the flowers, but also [Read more …]

San Antonio–Capitalizing on its History and its Water


San Antonio is Texas’s second largest city. Considering its size, however, it is very accessible. It is also pretty and hospitable. Its tourist appeal centers largely on two of the city’s two most iconic sights: The Alamo, which serves as a poignant symbol of the state’s commitment to freedom, perseverance and [Read more …]