Syracuse New York Museums

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We grew up in Syracuse New York. While that is not a reason for our readers to go there with us, some of the museums in Syracuse New York are noteworthy of a visit if you are in the area as we were recently. Erie Canal Museum If you grew up along the canal path, [Read more …]

Food and Entertainment in Syracuse New York

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Even though we were visiting with family in Syracuse New York, we still had many opportunities to eat out in Syracuse: We returned to Syracuse in time for dinner. After a tough choice between comfort food favorites, Heids famous for its franks, coneys, etc. Dinosaur BBQ, where we had a satisfying meal of pork ribs [Read more …]

Seneca Falls New York, and The Birth of Women’s Rights

Seneca Falls is a another pretty town in Central New York. It is situated on a river that used to be home to several mills. It is also home to another human rights cause—the equality of women. The city is now home to a number of monuments to this heritage such as the Seneca Falls [Read more …]

Human Rights History and Comfort Food in Central New York

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We grew up in Central New York (CNY), and lived there for 24 years. But for all our years living in there, it has taken several of our return trips to visit family for us to take advantage of many of the region’s attractions and cultural opportunities. We had visited some of these attractions when [Read more …]

Syracuse in Summer 2015: an Event-Filled Weekend


We recently made a short, but event-packed trip to Syracuse New York, mostly to see family, but also to get caught up on what was happening there. Events Hill Cumorah Pageant. We timed our visit specifically to go to this annual happening, a pageant that has been held [Read more …]

Syracuse Gets its First Winery

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  Add a new stop to your New York winery tour route. Although you may have well toured the Finger Lakes, Long Island and Hudson Valley wine regions, you should now consider adding Syracuse to your to-visit list. As we discussed in our 2013 post, Can Syracuse Become a Food and Wine [Read more …]

Syracuse Restaurant Update– 2014

The best part of our annual Syracuse food experiences typically consists of explorations and selected purchases at the fabulous Fayetteville branch of Wegmans and our annual clambake (with clams, mussels and all accompaniments from Wegmans). While we absolutely enjoyed these experiences, we also enjoyed two of the city’s restaurants: [Read more …]

Can Syracuse Become a Food and Wine Destination?

This year’s brief stop in Syracuse was occupied primarily by our ritual stop at Heid’s (hot dogs) and backyard family clambakes and cookouts (see some of our previous Syracuse blogs). While we planned to visit our favorite local steakhouse and lounge (Scotch n Sirloin), both were closed for the July Fourth holiday weekend. [Read more …]

Syracuse Revisited–with a Thousand Islands Treat

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Since we were already in Boston, we decided to take a slight detour on the way back to San Francisco, stopping in Syracuse for our annual trip to our home town. (See our 2011 Syracuse blog for some of our favorite Syracuse activities and restaurants.) Creatures of Habit While our primary [Read more …]

Our Syracuse To Do List

Joyce and I both grew up in Syracuse and, for at least part of our educations, attended Syracuse University. Although we moved from the city in our early 20’s, we return to visit family and friends at least once a year. Each year, in between get-togethers with family and friends, we try to find interesting [Read more …]