A Half-Day in Zion National Park


Since we weren’t able to do a long hike at the North Rim, we decided to leave right after our short morning hike and tale a slight detour, stopping at Zion National Park (a 3 hour drive from the North Rim) before driving partway back to Las Vegas. Although we had been to Zion a [Read more …]

City Center, Las Vegas


The last time we were in LV, the huge City Center complex was still being built. But barely, since work on the largest privately funded development in history ($9.8 billion) was stalled by the crash and loss of funding. After the financial and economic crashes and loss of the funding needed to complete the [Read more …]

The Las Vegas Mob Experience: Being Made by the Mob

The last time we were in Las Vegas, we experienced one part of the city’s history by visiting the fascinating Atomic Testing Museum. This time we decided to explore another, even darker side of Las Vegas–the history of the Mafia in creating “Sin City.” But while the city’s atomic age history generally presented a relatively [Read more …]