Ford Rouge Plant Tour in Dearborn Michigan


While we were in Dearborn Michigan we took a tour of the the cutting-edge Ford plant at which its F-150 quad-cab ford trucks are assembled. The tour began with a historical film that traced the 1903 founding of the huge, fully vertically-integrated River Rouge complex that contained everything from its own steel, glass and rubber [Read more …]

Eating in Dearborn Michigan

We ate at three local restaurants while we were exploring Dearborn Michigan The Michigan Café (at the Henry Ford Center) at which we had a lunch that consisted of grilled Lake Erie Trout and farm-fresh roasted turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. You might be concerned about eating at a café [Read more …]

Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan

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Greenfield Village is Henry Ford’s tribute to the rural America of his youth, mixed in with tributes to a number of people and places that he particularly admired. The 90 acre “village” contains many historic homes, factories and working farms, plus opportunities to hear stories of the lives of Ford and many others and to [Read more …]

Exploring the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan


As we left Ann Arbor Michigan, we drove to Dearborn Michigan. Why? Our primary objective was to visit three primary venues of the huge “The Henry Ford” historical complex: Henry Ford Museum, which displays a number of national treasures and mementos (such as the bus in which Rosa Parks staged her protest and the Ford’s [Read more …]