Boston Restaurants 2018

New restaurants, like new buildings, continue to come to the Boston area. With the notable help of several of our foodie friends, we discovered some new places to eat on our 2018 visit. Yvonne’s Yvonne’s is a hip, elegantly outfit remake of the venerable Locke Ober restaurant. Seven of us tried to make a mission [Read more …]

Boston Massachusetts


We recently returned to Boston, where we had lived for over 20 years before moving to San Francisco. It was an opportunity to spend time with friends, revisit some old haunts and explore new places and restaurants. Boston Back Bay and South End We spent most of our time in the city reacquainting ourselves with [Read more …]

Williamstown Massachusetts


Williamstown Massachusetts is a small, pretty college town on the Massachusetts/Vermont/New York border. The town itself is lovely with its two-block long commercial street (Spring Street) old buildings, and school campus. We decided to stay in Williamstown for 2 nights. This would work for many people but it was not a good decision for us. [Read more …]

Catching Up with the New Boston


We finished up the trip to Nova Scotia via Boston. Although we have many friends and memories of the time we lived here, this time we had only a day and a half to catch up with the city. Our initial exposure to the city, from driving into and a brief walk through downtown and [Read more …]

A One Day Boston-to-Portland Detour

DeCordova-Portraits (2)

Joyce had two and a half days of meetings in Waltham, before our trip to Maine. I flew in the night of her second day, arriving in time for dinner at Boston’s Trade Restaurant, drinks with Joyce and a few other colleagues at Waltham’s Naked Fish (now closed) restaurant, and a night’s sleep. The next [Read more …]

Our Continuing Boston Culinary Odyssey

We lived in Boston for more than 20 years. Although we moved to San Francisco about ten years ago, we return frequently and closely follow restaurant openings. This has been no easy task. Boston’s restaurant scene has been exploding for the last twenty years (although the last few years have, understandably, seen more [Read more …]

Two Unexplored (at least by us) Boston Gems

Harvard Glass Flowers - vg (3)

We lived in Boston for more than twenty years before moving to San Francisco a decade ago. We thought we had at least seen pretty much everything Boston had to offer. So imagine our surprise when a San Francisco friend told us of a 125 -year old museum of which we had. And then imagine [Read more …]

The Art of Boston’s Fenway: Museums, Victory Gardens and Yet More Chihuly


Although our July 4th weekend Boston trip was intended primarily to visit friends and reacquaint ourselves with a “real” Fourth of July celebration, we also took the time, as in all our trips to the city, to reacquaint ourselves with some of the areas we most enjoyed. High on our list was the Fenway. Although [Read more …]

Boston: Recapturing our Old City, Exploring the New One


Although we get back to Boston at least once or twice a year, it is never the same city that we saw the previous trip, much less the same city we left eight years ago. Our Town Don’t get me wrong. Some of our favorite old memories remain intact. Our Back Bay neighborhood, the Public [Read more …]

A Boston Fourth of July


We lived in Boston for more than 20 years, before moving to San Francisco. Although we certainly love our new home, there are certainly a number of things we miss about Boston. One is the Fourth of July. Although San Francisco certainly celebrates the 4th, it is not quite like Boston. First, the celebration has [Read more …]