Portland Maine

2018-09-15 19.54.04

The Changing Face of Old Port Portland Maine Downtown Portland Maine is a lovely place to visit with its renovated, 19th-century brick buildings that now house restaurants, bars and upscale shops. Since our last visit, the town appear to have been a fair amount of development. This area now has a number of new shops [Read more …]

Kennebuckport Maine 2019

Kennebuckport sign

When we lived in Boston, we would get to the Maine Coast quite often. Unfortunately, our Maine trips have become much less frequent since we moved to San Francisco. Since we haven’t been to Portland for a few years, we were anxious to see what we have missed and to return to some of our [Read more …]

A Night in Portland, Maine


Our ferry from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Portland Maine arrived as scheduled at 6:30 PM. After disembarking and going through immigration and customs (our Global Entry Passes aren’t applicable for travel from Canada but we were at the front of the line and got through quicky), we decided to explore one of the hot, newer [Read more …]

Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Portland Maine Ferry


Rather than drive back from Nova Scotia to New England, we travelled from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Portland, Maine via the NovaStar ferry, a lo-o-o-ng (10 hour) sea journey. While many people use the ferry to transport their cars, as well as themselves, we left one rental car in Yarmouth and picked up another (at [Read more …]

Portland Update–2013

Since we got off to a late start, we spend the first night in Portland. Hardly a hardship, since we enjoy the city and have always had good meals at the perpetually popular Fore Street. The treat of the evening, however, was a new discovery; Gingko Blue Jazz and Blues Club.   [Read more …]

A Culinary Evening, with an Artistic Detour, in Portland, Maine


Portland is a lovely small city, with a nice museum and, reputedly, as many restaurants per capita as San Francisco. Every one of our trips to Maine includes at least one over-night stay, a walk through the historic (and much gentrified) Old Port area, one dinner, and often, a stop at the Portland Art Museum. [Read more …]