Portland–South Portland–Biddeford Maine

York Harbor

Traveling down Route 1 from Portland south to New Hampshire takes one through a number of smaller towns along the Maine coast. Here are some places we have enjoyed on this drive. Portland Maine For more on what to see and where to eat in Portland Maine, check out these blogs: What To Do in [Read more …]

Kennebuckport Maine 2019

Kennebuckport sign

Kennebunkport Maine is on the Kennebunkport River at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean. By the 1870s, it became a popular summer place. Today it draws in the upper class (including the former president Bush family) and it is one of the wealthiest communities in the state of Maine. Kennebunkport is a typical New England [Read more …]

A Brief, Reminiscent Spin through Southern Maine: Kennebunkport and Wells


After leaving Portland, toward our Boston July 4 rendezvous with friends, we took a very quick, painfully brief, reminiscent spin through a couple of our favorite Southern Maine towns. Our first “stop” was a drive (with about our only stops being for traffic) through one of the prettiest towns in Southern Maine—Kennebunkport. Although Kennebunkport is [Read more …]