Other Maine towns

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Maine is filled with beautiful small towns….especially those by the coast. Here are just a few of them. Rockport Maine Rockport Maine is a small, harbor-front town with a lovely harbor. Its roughly 10-building “downtown” consists of a handful of well-regarded restaurants, a spa, a hair stylist, a photography gallery and little else. Pretty to [Read more …]

Desert Island Maine

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Bar Harbor Maine Bar Harbor Maine is one of the main towns on Desert Island. It is the epitome of a tourist town with about half the stores selling tee-shirts, half the remainder restaurants (lots of lobster as you would expect) and most of the remaining quarter selling some other type of souvenir. While much [Read more …]

Camden Maine

Camden town

To us, Camden Maine is the prettiest and our favorite town on the central Maine coast. Camden is also made for walking, and browsing. While relatively small, it is loaded with restaurants, interesting shops, galleries and docks with Windjammer sailing ships, including the Appledore II (on which we took a short cruise on a previous [Read more …]

Rockland Maine

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The lobster and yachting capital of the Maine Coast, Rockland Maine has a pretty main street with a few very nice galleries. But the one museum we like the best is the Farnsworth Museum. Farnsworth Museum The Farnsworth Museum is a multi-building museum with an annex dedicated to work of three local artists from the [Read more …]

Damariscotta Maine

The commercial center of the Boothbay Peninsula, Damariscotta Maine isn’t exactly the most attractive of happening town along the Maine Coast. It is, however, right in the middle of Boothbay Harbor and Pemaquid Point, a short distance from Wiscasset Maine and on the road to Rockland, Camden and Maine’s upper Downeast coast. It is also [Read more …]

Boothbay Harbor Maine

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Boothbay Harbor Maine is a quaint town that lies at the tip of the picturesque Boothbay peninsula. Founded as a fishing town, it began attracting yachtsmen, artists and other tourists who—along with the lobstermen who feed them—now account for the bulk of the region’s economy. Pemaquid Point Pemaquid Point on the Boothbay peninsula in Bristol [Read more …]

Wiscasset Maine


To us, Wiscasset Maine is one of the prettiest towns on the Maine coast. Even more important to us, it is the home to the Maine institution: Red’s Eats, with each of its giant lobster rolls probably containing at least a pound of lobster meat. Lobster rolls, which are served naked (undressed) can be ordered [Read more …]

Bath Maine


Bath Maine has been a shipbuilding powerhouse literally from its 17th-century founding, making small pinnaces and large 6-mast schooners, through clipper ships, WWI and WWII naval ships to present-day destroyers. It also has a lovely historic downtown and a wonderful Maritime Museum. Although we didn’t visit it on this trip, here is a report of [Read more …]

Freeport Maine (2018 update)


LL Bean To us, Freeport Maine = LL Bean and dozens of outlet stores. No matter how many times we are in the general area, we always take time to stop at least at “Bean” for clothes and outdoor accessories. While we now mostly buy from the catalog, we still had to stop at the [Read more …]

Portland Maine

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The Changing Face of Old Port Portland Maine Downtown Portland Maine is a lovely place to visit with its renovated, 19th-century brick buildings that now house restaurants, bars and upscale shops. Since our last visit, the town appear to have been a fair amount of development. This area now has a number of new shops [Read more …]