New Orleans Restaurants and Hotel

2019-04-28 21.10.04

New Orleans Restaurants Compere Lapin turned out to be our favorite New Orleans restaurant on this trip. Although we usually share different dishes, we were both so intrigued by the sound of the fried oyster sandwich (topped with a moderately-spiced pickled vinaigrette salad and pineapple tartar sauce) and a side of house-made fennel chips that [Read more …]

New Orleans Museums


New Orleans has much more than jazz. If you go there, check out New Orleans Museums. National WWII Museum Our single longest activity (outside the Jazz Festival) was a return visit to the incredible National WWII Museum. As on our last visit, we easily spent an entire day there. The museum continues to add new [Read more …]

New Orleans Louisiana

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We just can’t seem to get enough of New Orleans. Our last visit was in 2016. We timed this visit around the 49th anniversary of the New Orleans Jazz Festival. And what a fitting ending to a trip that began in Nashville’s Country and Western honky-tonks and progressed through Memphis’ blues bars and its origin [Read more …]

Eating In New Orleans, Louisiana

We love the food in New Orleans…at least for a short time period. Our bodies are not accustomed to so much rich and fried food. But as long as we were there, we made a valiant effort to enjoy as much as we could (and to walk a lot to get rid of the calories). [Read more …]

Day Tripping From New Orleans: Bayou and Plantation Country and Metairie

Oak Alley Plantation 01

While we were in New Orleans, we rented a car for the day to spend a little time exploring some areas outside of the city. After about an hour expressway drive west, almost to Baton Rouge, we exited the highway and followed the Great River Road partway back, past a flame-belching oil refinery and an [Read more …]

New Orleans Garden District

street car

On this trip to New Orleans, we stayed on Saint Charles Avenue in the heart of the Garden District, making it the first time we really took the opportunity to explore this lovely neighborhood. We spent most of our time on the Avenues that lead through the Warehouse District and downtown to the French Quarter. [Read more …]

New Orleans World War II Museum


The last time we were in New Orleans, we remember that we were very impressed by the easy-to-follow flow and by the way the voluminous content that this museum presents. We were even more impressed this time and fond that we easily spent 1/2 of a day there examining the different components and exhibits. We [Read more …]

New Orlean’s French Quarter Museums

Jean Lafitte founders statue

We are always suckers for visiting museums in any city we visit and New Orleans was no exception. We visited a number of the city’s history museums. These included: Jean Lafitte National Park This historical park actually has several branches across the state, each focusing on a different aspect of Louisiana landscape, history and culture. [Read more …]

New Orleans, Louisiana

bourbon Street at night 01

We love New Orleans. We’ve been there several times: three times to Mardi Gras and at least three other occasions. This includes our previous trip there, about year after Hurricane Katrina, where we toured the Lower Ninth Ward, which was still reeling from the devastation with ruined homes and even a boat that the flood [Read more …]