Chicago Restaurants

We always come to Chicago with a full schedule of restaurant plans, combining explorations of places opened since our previous visits with returns to some of our old favorites. Our 2019 trip was no exception. This trip combined an exploration of new restaurants (new, at least to us, from the three years since [Read more …]

Chicago Architecture

2019-06-11 15.20.40

Changing Face of Chicago Architecture Every time we return to Chicago we are amazed by the amount of new high-rise construction and the beauty of many of its buildings. On one hand, this is not surprising. Chicago, after all, has been at the forefront of American architecture since 1884, when William Le Baron Jenney built [Read more …]

Chicago Blues

2019-06-12 21.44.38

Sweet Blues Chicago Chicago has long been one of the country’s premier Blues Venues. Our plan was to spend a number of hours reveling in its musical history at the city’s premier annual Blues Celebration: Chicago Blues Festival Every year Chicago holds a blues festival.  In 2019, it held its 36th [Read more …]

Chicago Illinois Art Fairs and Museums

2019-06-09 14.04.35

We lived in Chicago for 5 years a long time ago and always loved going to Chicago’s summertime art fairs, and visiting museums and galleries. We recently had a return trip to Chicago. Chicago Art Fairs We arranged our trip largely to accommodate two of the city’s oldest and best juried art fairs plus a [Read more …]

Galena Illinois

Dowling House

We had been to this lovely Western Illinois home town of Ulysses S. Grant briefly, once before. We made a brief return visit on our way to the Wisconsin Dells. Galena was a lead mining and transportation center on a tributary near the Mississippi. It was a boom town in the early 19th century, when [Read more …]

Chicago, Illinois

424 West St. James Place

Our last Illinois stop on this trip was to our very old home Chicago–a city that we try to visit every couple years. Since we have already written and provided pictures of many of the neighborhoods and sights that we normally visit, we won’t repeat it all here. Instead, we will just provide an overview [Read more …]

Springfield, Illinois


Despite having lived in Chicago, Illinois for five years in the 1970s, and having visited the city every two or three years since, we have never been to Springfield Illinois. We committed to overcoming this gap in our travels on a recent trip to the area by driving between Louisville and Chicago. The primary reason [Read more …]

Catching Up with Chicago Restaurants – 2014

We always go to Chicago with a list of restaurants we would like to visit. This year’s list included a number of the city’s hottest new spots—spots such as Tanta, Nico Osteria, Fig and Olive and Kinmont. Unfortunately, based on limited time, the fact that many are not open for lunch and our desire to [Read more …]

Catching up with Chicago – 2014

park overview-g

Our 2014 Chicago trip was designed primarily around two a chance to visit two “art” exhibits: An Art Institute of Chicago exhibit of Rene Magritte’s work from his most productive and innovative period, between 1926 and 1938; and A visit to three of Frank Lloyd Wright [Read more …]

Chicago Architectural Tours-2013

Expo-Art Inst

We, as discussed in previous Chicago blog posts, love Chicago architecture and the incredibly informative tours that the Chicago Architectural Foundation provides to explain and provide broader sociological context around this architecture. Although we have, so far, taken fewer than 20 of the more than 90 different tours offered by CFA, we notch up one [Read more …]