More Restaurants in Maui Hawaii

Eating in Central Maui Mama’s Fish House. This island institution is located in a beautifully landscaped lot on a rugged, black lava-framed North Coast bay in Pa’ia. The huge, perpetually-packed restaurant specializes in guess what?; fresh seafood. Coming off the plane, an anxious to begin our drive to Hana, we settled for one appetizer–macadamia nut [Read more …]

Eating in Ka’anapali and Lahaina Maui Hawaii

On our recent time in Maui, we revisited some of our favorite restaurants and found some new ones. Dinners Duke’s. A return from a lunch on our previous trip. Dinner was an experience. Our table, as we judged, was the third best (positioned for views and relative to the evening’s solo performer) in the packed [Read more …]

Hana Maui Hawaii Restaurants

Hana (Maui) Hawaii doesn’t have a lot of restaurants, but you can find some good food. And if you are in Hana for more than a couple of days, you will find yourself revisiting some places, as we did. The Preserve and Ka’uiki Dining Room at the Travassa Hotel. These are two sections of the [Read more …]

South Coast Wailea Art Tour

Four Seasons ARt 04

Ka’anapali is the home to mid-upscale hotels such as Westin, Marriott and Hyatt Regency. Not surprisingly, the South Maui coast contains mid-range neighborhoods (especially Kihei) and the decidedly upscale town of Wailea, home to the Four Seasons, Wailea Grand, the Shops at Wailea and some of the island’s premier golf courses. We returned to Wailea [Read more …]

Hana and Beyond

Hasegawa General

Hana, the Town We finally made it to Hana. To call Hana a sleepy little town is to understate its quaintness. This is not to say it’s a one-horse town: We actually saw two horses at the Hasagawa General Store, whose long monopoly has now been broken by the Hana Ranch General Store. Still, you [Read more …]

Hana Hawaii

Twin Falls 04

Hana and Maui’s East Coast – December 2017 Every few years, we like to visit Hawaii. Recently, we returned to Maui. Since we have already been around the entire island and done pretty much everything we have wanted to do on the island, we focused on repeating many of the activities that we have enjoyed [Read more …]

Maui Hawaii


We have been to Maui many, many times and have taken advantage of all of the primary, and many of the secondary attractions. This trip, we stayed in and spent most of our time in West Maui, within about a 30 minute drive of Kaanapoli Beach, an area of which we have been but wanted [Read more …]

Exploring the Rest of Honolulu Hawaii

2016-02-18 13.23.57

There is more to Honolulu than Pearl Harbor. In our short time on the island, we set out to explore as much as we could A Day on Waikiki After a day of actively learning about the art of war, we were ready for a day of peace and leisure. So, after a nice catch-up [Read more …]

Honolulu (Oahu) Hawaii and Pearl Harbor

Queen Liliuokalani

We don’t often visit Honolulu when we go to Hawaii, but since it had been some time since we were there, we decided to stop to visit some friends and a cousin. as well as taking a revisit to Pearl Harbor. As our time in Honolulu was limited, so were the number things we experienced. [Read more …]

A Return to Hawaii - Kauai


How best to recover from a trip to, including hiking and camping on Antarctica? How about going to Hawaii—a place we had not been to for almost ten years. And a complete reversal from the cold climate of Antarctica. Our first stop was Kauai Kauai is the most beautifully rugged and least commercialized of the [Read more …]