Napa California Restaurants

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Napa is so close to San Francisco that we frequently take a day or several-day trips to the area. This is a summary of our restaurant reviews throughout the years. Some places we loved on our first visits but second visits turned us off from them. Others are new. Torc We first ate at Torc [Read more …]

Premier Napa Valley Release Week Tastings: 2020

Premier Napa Valley (PNV) is Napa valley’s primary showcase for futures auction of barrels of its most recent vintage wines. The event attracts wine professionals, and those from the wine trade and media from around the world. It also attracts us. It gives us a chance to taste and report on vintages that we will [Read more …]

Napa Valley Restaurants–February 2019

We recently headed to Napa Valley for the annual Premier Napa Valley. As we discussed in our blog, this event is a chance for retail wine buyers and restauranteurs and media to taste new releases. It is also a fund raiser for Napa Valley. Napa Valley Restaurants Each event offers a range of snacks, ranging [Read more …]

Premier Napa Valley Tastings—February 2019

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Premier Napa Valley (PNV) is an interesting event. Wine sellers, including retailers and restaurateurs, as well as members of the wine trade and media descend upon Napa Valley to primarily taste new vintage Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons and one-of-a-kind limited production wines. It is a four-day event filled with an opportunity to mingle with vintners [Read more …]

Silver Oak Winery Release Party 2019


Sunday, February 2, 2019, was not only the day before Super Bowl Sunday, it was also the day of a Silver Oak release party in Oakville California. The long-awaited day was for the official release of the Silver Oak 2014 Napa Valley Cabernet. The day itself was rainy with periodic downpours that flooded the vineyards. [Read more …]

The Best of Napa

We came, we tasted, we once again surrendered to the wines, the foods and the experiences of Napa Valley in California. We provided blow-by-blow (o at least winery-by-winery and restaurant-by-restaurant descriptions of many of our favorite tops from our two week stay in Napa. Following are our three favorites in each of four categories: Napa [Read more …]

Napa Art and Music

Given all the focus on the valley’s incredible wineries and restaurants, one can be excused for not viewing it as a venue for seeing fine art. It is, however, more than worth searching out some of the valley’s often hidden artistic venues. Although we always try to visit a number of Yountville and St. Helena [Read more …]

Upper Valley Restaurants—St. Helena to Calistoga

This trip saw a return to two of our oft-visited area restaurants, CIA and Solbar, one big disappointment and discovery of Archetype, another new (at least for us) valley favorite. Archetype (St. Helena). What took us so long to discover this two-year old restaurant? We shared two dishes: peanut-crusted soft shell [Read more …]

Yountville and Rutherford Restaurants

Despite the incredible growth in Napa restaurants, Yountville remains  restaurant central for the Napa Valley. This being said, we did have to make one lunch stop at Auberge du Soleil in Rutherford.  Ciccio (Yountville). Another new hit in this restaurant-obsessed town. The four of us began by splitting a crispy [Read more …]

Napa (City) Restaurants

Since we were staying in the city of Napa, our restaurant visits, especially for dinners, were focused around the city and nearby Yountville. Among our best (and in one case, worst) dining experiences were: Boonfly Café. We had lunch at the always crowded, always delicious Boonfly Café (roasted chicken flatbread, cheeseburger with the fixings, and [Read more …]