The 2015 Kinetic Sculpture Race


As discussed in our June 4, 2015 post, The Humboldt County Kinetic Grand Championship is a local institution. It is also loads of fun, with fun (not to speak of ingenious mechanical) devices, parties and its own since of pageantry. It, however, also entails some real competition. The concept of a Kinetic Sculpture Race was [Read more …]

2015 Kinetic Sculpture Grand Championship

Arcata-sculpture-basic (4)

The Humboldt County Kinetic Grand Championship race is a local institution. The concept of a Kinetic Sculpture Race was originated and first held in Ferndale in 1969. The race, referred to as the “triathlon of the arts” is a three-day competition of human-powered art over a 42-mile course along roads, through water and over sand [Read more …]

Exploring and Eating our Way through Eureka, Ferndale and Arcata California


All three of these Humboldt County towns have their charms; especially in the form of grand, well-maintained Victorian mansions and homes. Each of the towns’ growth and prosperity was funded by a different source. Arcata, for example, earned its initial fortune by selling mining supplies to aspiring gold prospectors: Eureka from lumbering, it’s Trinity gold [Read more …]

Avenue of the Giants to the Historic Benbow Inn


Our drive through Northern California to Eureka took us through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the largest remaining grove of first growth redwood trees in the country. All it takes to get a chance of these incredibly impressive trees is to exit from Rt 101 to the Avenue of the Giants, which runs right next to, [Read more …]