Catching up with Bay Area Restaurants

Living in San Francisco has created major problem for Joyce and I. The city simply has too many good and interesting restaurants. And there are more and more of these restaurants all the time. This, combined with our travel schedule, makes it all but impossible for us to try new restaurants, much less return to [Read more …]

An Update on Today’s Bay Area Theater Scene

While time constraints, including our quick theater/museum/restaurant trip to New York prevented us from seeing as many Bay Area plays as we wished, we did make time to see the current productions at three of our favorite local theaters, ACT, BRT and the Aurora. Tales of the City Every San Franciscan knows of, if not [Read more …]

Catching up on San Francisco’s Theater, Art and Restaurants

Those who have been tracking Joyce’s and my travel blogs must feel that we are continually travelling. That is true. (Remember our Passion for Travel?) Although we technically live in San Francisco, we have been spending so little time here that when we do get back home, we feel that we have to act as [Read more …]

A Passion for the San Francisco Bay Area

Tom and Joyce love exploring, finding interesting restaurants, touring wine regions, hiking, and going to theater, museums, and lectures wherever we travel. The San Francisco (SF) Bay Area is particularly blessed with opportunities in each of these—and many other—ways. SF has fascinating neighborhoods, some of the best and most interesting restaurants in the country, [Read more …]