Alaska Cruise Day 5 and 6 – Glacier Bay


On the fifth and sixth full days of our Alaskan cruise on the Admiralty Dream from Alaska Dream Cruises, we went to one of our favorite Alaska destinations: Glacier Bay. We were last there in 2011 when we took a small plane to Glacier Bay National Park, where we stayed overnight at the Glacier Bay [Read more …]

The Alaskan Coast in 11 Incredible Days


We first went to Alaska in 1982 and swore we would return. Unfortunately, it took us 27 years to do so. This post provides: An overview of the highlights of the trip; The itinerary we used to pack as many experiences as possible into it; and Links to the posts that fully describe and give [Read more …]

A Return to Glacier Bay

We visited Glacier Bay National Park once before, 27 years ago, to be precise. That visit produced indelible memories of steep fjord walls, iceberg-clogged channels, close-up views of beautiful, blue-white tidewater glaciers, and especially the spectacle of calving—where what began as dull rumbles, turn into sharp cracks, loud roars, and visions of huge chunks of [Read more …]