Charleston Hotel and Restaurants

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Charleston South Carolina Restaurants Although we have long been drawn to Charleston’s beauty and history, we have been equally enchanted by many of the city’s restaurants. Slightly North of Broad (SNOB). SNOB remains one of our favorite restaurants in Charleston. In 2021, we both had 3-course meals so that we could get a wide range [Read more …]

Charleston Historic Walking Tours

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One of the best ways to get acquainted with a city is to take a walking tour. Not only do the guides take you to the relevant sites, but they also provide an in-depth look into the history. We have taken multiple walking tours of Charleston. This summarizes what we learned about Charleston’s history [Read more …]

Charleston South Carolina

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Charleston South Carolina is steeped in beauty and history. The best way to learn about the city is to take historic tours (which we cover in a separate blog). This blog highlights some of Charlestown South Carolina’s historic sites that one can easily visit on foot. Appreciating Charleston South Carolina’s Historic Landmarks Charleston virtually oozes [Read more …]