Day Tripping from Mexico City

St Bernadino Church

We spent some time taking short jaunts from Mexico City itself. Xochimilco Xochimilco is the only area near Mexico City to retain a network of free-flowing canals. This, combined with its abundant greenery, hundreds of scenic “floating” flower nurseries (on plots of land created by soil piled atop extensive vegetation, and a fleet of colorfully-painted, [Read more …]

Taxco, Mexico

Taxco houses on hill

Taxco is a colonial city, cut into the side of the rugged Atatzin Mountain. It shouts its dramatic setting and its charming atmosphere of whitewashed buildings with reddish-orange Spanish tile roofs from well before you even enter the town. It gets more dramatic and charming the further you progress up the hill into the town [Read more …]

Teotihuacan: the Myths and Mysteries the Aztec Empire

balloons over pyramid

While In Mexico CIty, we ventured outside of the city to various sites. The next several blogs talk about what we saw. Teotihuacan Teotihuacan is the center of the Aztec civilization and the largest, most magnificent of all Latin-American Pre-Columbian cities. We visited Teotihuacan on our last visit to Mexico City, almost 40 years ago. [Read more …]

Mexico City Restaurants

Mexico City Restaurants While in Mexico City, we ate at numerous places Azul Historico is set in the courtyard of a beautiful Colonial building in the Historic District. Tom began lunch at this upscale traditional restaurant with a glass of Mescal. We then had guacamole with ground grasshoppers, followed with [Read more …]

A Sampling of Upscale and Hip Mexico City Neighborhoods

little horse

Like many cities, Mexico City has multiple interesting areas, each with its own character. This blog takes a brief look at some of those areas. Reforma Our exposure to Reforma was generally limited to the main street—Paseo de la Reforma. We walked the elegant avenue from the Historic District to Palenco. The area around the [Read more …]

Mexico City: Chapultepec Park

Chapultepec is a huge park that that is situated between Polanco and Condesa in Mexico City. It is twice the size of New York’s Central Park, much of it is open land. One section, called Bosque de Chapultepec, however, contains the vast majority of the park’s attractions and attracts huge numbers of people—especially on weekends [Read more …]

Mexico City: Alameda Central

Palace of Fine Arts building

Alameda Central is section of the central part of Mexico City that begins a couple blocks from the Zocala. It is named after the poplar trees that populate Alameda Central Park. The area which was created in the 18th century, contains a number of notable structures Palace of Fine Arts The Palace is the highlight [Read more …]

Mexico City Here We Come


Although we have been to other places in Mexico, we hadn’t been to Mexico City in 40 years!.Joyce still remembers it as the place she had bad case of Montezuma’s Revenge and wanted to kiss the ground when we landed back in the US. But it was time to see how the city had change. [Read more …]