Tijuana Day Trip

2018-01-31 11.00.05

Getting to Tijuana Tijuana is the most visited border city in the world. It is also the second-largest city in Mexico. Although we were once in Tijuana about 30 years ago, we thought it may be worth taking a day trip from our pre-covid visit to San Diego. Getting there could not be easier…unless you [Read more …]

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

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Cabo San Lucas While we spent most of our recent time in Cabos Mexico in and around San Jose, we spent one night and a portion of a day in and around San Lucas. The good-sized town has many different sections: Resorts (some of which are quite luxurious) that line the eastern and western shores; [Read more …]

San Jose del Cabo Mexico

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San Jose del Cabo San Jose del Cabos is the atmospheric, albeit rather sleepy sister town to Cabo San Lucas’ party-central. Built around a large, open square with its historic church, the small downtown area is packed with galleries, restaurants and a handful of bars, including the ever popular tourist spots such as Baja Brewery [Read more …]

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Los Cabos Mexico

Close encounter

We’ve been to Los Cabos Mexico before, mostly in the party town of Cabo San Lucas and in and above the water; swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and game fishing. This time we spent most of our time in San Jose del Cabos, the smaller, more sedate sister town of San Lucas. Our trip was motivated [Read more …]

Cuernavaca Mexico

Cathedral of Cuernavaca

Our last stop on our Mexico trip was Cuernavaca. This ancient (dating from 1200 BC) city retains some lovely colonial buildings and serves as a getaway for Mexico City residents. The old town indeed has some historic, impressive and lovely buildings. Among these area the: Cuernavaca Cathedral complex, dating from the 1520s with a lovely [Read more …]

Day Tripping from Mexico City

St Bernadino Church

We spent some time taking short jaunts from Mexico City itself. Xochimilco Xochimilco is the only area near Mexico City to retain a network of free-flowing canals. This, combined with its abundant greenery, hundreds of scenic “floating” flower nurseries (on plots of land created by soil piled atop extensive vegetation, and a fleet of colorfully-painted, [Read more …]

Taxco, Mexico

Taxco houses on hill

Taxco is a colonial city, cut into the side of the rugged Atatzin Mountain. It shouts its dramatic setting and its charming atmosphere of whitewashed buildings with reddish-orange Spanish tile roofs from well before you even enter the town. It gets more dramatic and charming the further you progress up the hill into the town [Read more …]

Teotihuacan: the Myths and Mysteries the Aztec Empire

balloons over pyramid

While In Mexico CIty, we ventured outside of the city to various sites. The next several blogs talk about what we saw. Teotihuacan Teotihuacan is the center of the Aztec civilization and the largest, most magnificent of all Latin-American Pre-Columbian cities. We visited Teotihuacan on our last visit to Mexico City, almost 40 years ago. [Read more …]

Mexico City Restaurants

Mexico City Restaurants While in Mexico City, we ate at numerous places Azul Historico is set in the courtyard of a beautiful Colonial building in the Historic District. Tom began lunch at this upscale traditional restaurant with a glass of Mescal. We then had guacamole with ground grasshoppers, followed with [Read more …]

A Sampling of Upscale and Hip Mexico City Neighborhoods

little horse

Like many cities, Mexico City has multiple interesting areas, each with its own character. This blog takes a brief look at some of those areas. Reforma Our exposure to Reforma was generally limited to the main street—Paseo de la Reforma. We walked the elegant avenue from the Historic District to Palenco. The area around the [Read more …]