Experiencing Bay of Fundy Tides


The northwestern edge of Nova Scotia‚Äôs Annapolis Valley, along the Mina Basin, has a unique feature that makes it a particularly interesting destination–the largest tidal variations in the world. Although these variations differ depending on the alignment of the sun and the moon, they average 12 meters and can exceed 16 meters (over 50 feet) [Read more …]

Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley and the Mina's Basin


Our next stop in Nova Scotia was the Annapolis Valley, a 150 km-long valley that runs along the Mina’s Basin, an estuary that is separated from the body of the Bay of Fundy by the mountainous Cape Blomidon. The region is notable for a number of reasons, including; It’s geology and microclimate, which makes it [Read more …]

Checking into Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax, Nova Scotia, founded on 1749, was one of the first English settlements in Canada. Initially created as a naval and military base, it is dominated by its Citadel. Its subsequent role as a shipbuilding center created much of the wealth that funded the building of many of the city’s grand buildings. True, many such [Read more …]

Nova Scotia: At Last, At Last

We have wanted to get to this scenic Nova Scotia peninsula for decades. But despite having lived more than 20 years in Boston, it wasn’t until we moved to San Francisco that we finally got around to taking this trip. This introductory trip effectively took us three-quarters of the way around the peninsula (excluding only [Read more …]