Polar Bear Expedition Overview

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We went to Churchill Manitoba Canada to learn about and to see polar bears–the world’s largest land predator. Along the way, we learned a lot about polar bears and other animals and fauna of the subarctic tundra. While we didn’t necessary look at this trip as educational in terms of climate change, one cannot help [Read more …]

Subarctic Wildlife Beyond the Polar Bear


When we think of Churchill in Manitoba Canada, we think “polar bears”. While we saw a lot of polar bears there, we also had a chance to see a lot of other wildlife. Among the highlights were: Ptarmigans Ptarmigans birds are snow-white in the winter (although with black patches beneath their wings) making them practically [Read more …]

Dog Sledding Adventure


Although we went to Churchill Manitoba in Canada primarily for polar bear sightings, we also had another exciting adventure as part of our tour….dog sledding. The adventure began with a short bus ride outside of town to Wapusk Adventures Dog Sledding. The owner and native Inuit was very passionate of the sport, his dogs and [Read more …]

Three Days of Polar Bears in the Subarctic Tundra

our bear guard

We spent three days in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, a provincial park on the shore of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba Canada where polar bears accumulate to await the formation of the ice and the resultant opportunity to feed on the seals. The area is also next to the Wapusk National Park. This huge [Read more …]

Churchill Manitoba

welcome to churchill

Churchill Manitoba We went to Churchill Manitoba Canada to see polar bears in their natural habitat. This 900-person frontier town is one of the true polar bear and beluga whale capitals of the world. Cloud cover permitting, it also provides a great opportunity to experience the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Churchill is located in [Read more …]