Natchez Mississippi

Stanton Hall

Antebellum Natchez Mississippi Natchez Mississippi is a lovely, small city built atop a tall bluff over the Mississippi. Its historic district has the largest collection of antebellum homes in the country. Since it used to be home to some of the country’s most wealthy cotton plantation owners, it has a number of beautiful mansions which [Read more …]

Port Gibson Mississippi

Port Gibson 01

Port Gibson is a small town in Mississippi. While it was not a particular destination on our radar list, we drove through it when we were going from Vicksburg to Natchez Mississippi. The town has an impressive County Courthouse and some nice churches. Along a small section of the relaxing, scenic tranquil Natchez Trace, it [Read more …]

Rethinking the Legacy of Andy Warhol

Brillo Boxes

What do you think of when you hear Andy Warhol? His Campbell’s Soup cans and Three Elvises? His prognostication of 15 minutes of fame, as the “creator” of the Pop Art movement? His early embrace of an openly gay lifestyle? Warhol certainly deserves recognition for all of these. A retrospective of Andy Warhol  “A to [Read more …]

Vicksburg Mississippi

Biedenharn coca-cola museum 04

Vicksburg Mississippi We traveled to Vicksburg Mississippi especially for the Vicksburg National Military Park. But while there, we also had time for a brief exploration of the city. While we were quite disappointed by the early closing of the Old Depot museum (an old railroad station) with its film, diorama and explanation of the “Gibraltar [Read more …]

Memphis Tennessee Restaurants

BB King

Memphis Restaurants Restaurant Iris We started dinner with two missteps: The craw fish beignet with sauce ravigote which was so dry and tasteless that we returned it Our baked Alaskan halibut with edamame, shrimp dumpling, bacon, butter dashi and broiled daikon was also overcooked and returned. The reordered halibut dish, by contrast, was wonderful as [Read more …]

Memphis Tennessee Blues

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Although they are both in Tennessee, Nashville Tennessee and Memphis Tennessee are very different. While Nashville seems to have few buildings that are more than ten years old, Memphis seems to have few, if any that are less than ten years. Nashville streets are jammed with traffic, but Memphis’ were generally empty. Yet Memphis does [Read more …]

Nashville Restaurants and Hotel

Martins BBQ in Nashville Tennessee

Nashville Restaurants Lest one think that our only Nashville nourishment came from alcohol, we did also managed to squeeze in a little time for food. Our meals, however, consisted of only one fine-dining restaurant. The rest focused on the city’s culinary specialties of barbeque and “hot chicken”. Marsh House The Marsh House was our one [Read more …]

Nashville Museums

Emmylou Harris

Nashville Tennessee is well known for its honky-tonk bars, partying and its music scene. But it also has some interesting museums—many of which explore its musical history. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum This museum is a celebration of the country music culture. It is home to more than 200,000 audio recordings, 500,000 photos, [Read more …]

The Jungle: Bringing Calais France to San Francisco

The Jungle

The Jungle Sometimes we forget history and it takes a good play to remind us.The Jungle is one such play. It reminds us of the horror that African and Middle Eastern refugees faced when they fled their countries in hopes of gaining amnesty in England. Twp. men who volunteered and created a theater at a [Read more …]

Nashville Tennessee

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The Changing Face of Nashville Tennessee We last visited Nashville Tennessee many years ago. Although we are not fans of Country and Western music, we enjoyed the bustle of Broadway Street’s honky tonks, the fun, but somewhat kitchy show of the Grand Ole Opry, and the overarching culture of music that pervades the city. It [Read more …]