London England

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We have been to London England many times. On this trip, we only had a few days there. We spent our time visiting with friends, hitting a few museums, seeing a play and walking around some of our favorite neighborhoods (and a new one, in the case of Southditch). And of course, we tried some [Read more …]

London Theater, Restaurants and Hotel

London Theater London, like New York City, always has a plethora of theater choices. On this trip, we saw 2 plays: 1984. We both loved the George Orwell book (which Tom reread in anticipation of seeing the play) and were anxious to see the play. The good news is that the short (1:40) play was [Read more …]

London Museums

Picasso - Weeping Woman - 1937

One of our favorite activities in any city is visiting museums. London sure provides a lot of opportunities to do so. this blog summarizes our visits to some of the many London Museums. Tate Modern This modern art museum has been greatly expanded since our previous visit. It is now divided into two wings (Boiler [Read more …]

Strolling Other London Sites

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A Stoll along the South Bank As fascinating as the old London City was, we also spent time walking around other London sights. We combined walk from the National Gallery to the Tower of London with a walk, turned exploration of the south bank of the Thames to the Tower of London, where we were [Read more …]

London England: Exploring the Old City

Tower of London

It had been too long since our last trip to London England and we looked forwards to reacquainting ourselves with it. The best way to start was through a walking tour. We have taken numerous London Walks walking tours. Virtually all of them have been informative and professionally run. This time we took a tour [Read more …]

England’s Channel Coast and the Downs


Using Brighton England as our base, we spent some time exploring England’s Channel Coast and the Downs. The Downs The Downs is a beautiful fertile valley, lined with farms that are separated by hedges and trees between two long chalk-based hills–one on the south and one on the north of the valley. Running for perhaps [Read more …]

The English Chanel Coast: Brighton

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For all our times in England, we have never gotten down to the southernmost part of the country along the English Channel. So this trip, we decided to postpone our London visit by a few days to explore the coast and the surrounding inland area known as The Downs. We began our exploration in Brighton, [Read more …]