Exploring Malmo Sweden

Malmohus Castle

Wanting to see other Swedish cities, we spent a day-trip exploring Malmo Sweden. In the 16th century, Malmo competed only with Copenhagen as the largest and most important city in Scandinavia due to its port. It also led the country’s industrialization and is now, partially due to its university, home to a growing number of [Read more …]

Exploring Norrköping Sweden


Reinventing Ancient Norrköping We would not normally set out exploring Norrkoping Sweden. But as part of our TBEX conference, we had an opportunity to a guided daytrip. Norrkoping is Sweden’s tenth largest city and is in Southern Sweden’s Ostergotland district. It is located near the outlet of the Motala River, which empties into the Baltic [Read more …]

Where to Eat in Stockholm Sweden and Our Hotel

Stockholm Restaurants Since we were in Stockholm to attend a TBEX conference, several of our meals were either provided or we got our fill for dinner at a party. However, we given that we were in town for a week, we managed to check out some Stockholm restaurants. Matbaren is a casual, a la carte-style [Read more …]

Touring Museums in Stockholm Sweden on Skeppsholmen Island


Stockholm Sweden has a myriad of museums. Many of Stockholm’s museums are one island: Skeppsholmen. This sparsely populated, generally wooded island has emerged as one of the city’s new cultural hub and contains some interesting museums. Museum of Modern Art Spanish architect Rafael Moneo designed this building, which welcomes you with a dozen outdoor sculptures [Read more …]

Exploring Some of the Other Interesting Islands that Make up Stockholm Sweden

Sodermalm 01

As we mentioned in a previous blog, Stockholm is made up of many different islands. This blog continues to explore Stockholm Sweden’s islands. Sodermalm Sodermalm is an ex-working-class community that has been transformed into the bohemian and contemporary artistic center of the city. It is loaded with studios and galleries for all types of contemporary [Read more …]

Exploring Stockholm Sweden


As we continue to explore Stockholm Sweden, we hit Riddarholmen Island. Just as the King, Queen and their children lived in Gamla Stan’s Royal Palace, the city’s lower ranking aristocracy needed a place of their own to live. Today, no one lives on the island. Still, it is filled with buildings which are owned by [Read more …]

Gamla Stan Museums


Gamla Stan Museums In addition to Old Town, Gamla Stan island in Stockholm Sweden also has a few noteworthy museums. These include: The Nobel Museum, which profiles the life of Alfred Nobel and his legacy, provides overviews of the discoveries and works for which winners of the Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and to a lesser extent, [Read more …]

Touring Stockholm Sweden: Gamla Stran

Stortorget  cafes

It had been a long time since we were last in Stockholm Sweden—35 years if you want to know. What changed and what didn’t change in that amount of time? It was time to find out by touring Stockholm. The 2016 Asia-Pacific TBEX (Travel Blogger’s Exchange) Conference provided the perfect opportunity as it was located [Read more …]

Eating and Sleeping in Goteborg Sweden

dinner - char

Goteborg Restaurants Our time in Goteborg Sweden was short. As such we only had a chance to eat at 2 Goteborg restaurants. Fiskekrogen, is one of the city’s premier stops for its local food—West Coast fish and shellfish. We settled for an abbreviate sampling of three of the restaurant’s local dishes: a creamy lobster bisque [Read more …]

Goteborg Sweden: A City of Neighborhoods and Parks

2016-07-10 02.54.00

Gotenborg Sweden has a number of interesting neighborhoods that merit some exploration. Exiting the market takes you to the edge of Haga, one of the more interesting (at least to us). Built in the mid-17th century, it is the oldest neighborhood in the city. Although most of the buildings are the same type of nondescript [Read more …]