Barcelona Spain’s Restaurants and Hotel


Barcelona Restaurants OK, let’s get down to food in Barcelona—one of our favorite topic. One of our dinners was devoted to a cooking class (we booked with Barcelona Cooks) where we prepared a meal of traditional Catalan dishes: gazpacho (OK, but Joyce dislikes all gazpachos so it may have been great for all she knew), [Read more …]

Barcelona Spain’s Museums


In addition to exploring the works of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, we visited two museums: The Fundacio Joan Miro (which is in Barcelona) and the Dali Theater-Museum, (which is in Figueres, about an hour train ride away). Miro Museum Fondacio Joan Miro provides a brief retrospective of the career of artist Joan Miro, tracing his [Read more …]

Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi


Antoni Gaudi Museum If we were in Barcelona, we had to explore the works of Antoni Gaudi. The city of Barcelona is, in some ways, a living museum to an architect who died unknown—mistaken as a homeless beggar—in 1926. The city, and every tourist to it, seems to have a severe, chronically fun case of [Read more …]

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Barcelona Spain


We loved Barcelona on our first trip. We loved it even more the second time. But despite all this love, our blogs on it will be unusually brief. And we blame it all on Barcelona. There is so much to do, and dinners are so late, that our daily schedules kept us out from 7:00 [Read more …]