Sighisoara Romania

Sighisoara clock tower

Sighisoara Romania One of our last stops in Transylvania Romana was Sighisoara. This walled town was founded in the 12th century by German craftsmen and merchants. The town, built on the site of a Roman fort, grew rapidly and became one of Transylvania’s most important commercial and artistic centers. Its growing role required enhanced fortifications, [Read more …]

Brasov Romania


Brasov Romania Brasov Romania was initially founded by German settlers and rapidly grew into an important regional commercial center. Its riches, however, made it as target of frequent attacks. in the early 13th century, Teutonic knights fortified it and turned into a citadel city. This helped change the nature of the city.and its buildings. While [Read more …]

Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress Romania


Bran Castle Bran Castle is the notorious castle that Bram Stoker used as a model for his legendary character, Count Dracula. Although Vlad Tepes never actually lived in this 13th-century castle, it is thought that the invading Hungarians did briefly hold him in the castle’s prison. This being said, the castle was a regular summer [Read more …]

Sinaia Romania

Sinaia building 08

Sinaia Romania Sinaia Romania is a ski resort town in Transylvania. It is characterized by peak-roof buildings, including a number of huge mansions, some of which have been converted to into inns, some that stand empty and for sale. The town’s primary sites consist of: Sinaia Monastery, a 17th-century facility (refurbished in the late 19th [Read more …]

Transylvania Romania

stork nest

While most of us have heard of Transylvania, how many of us knew it was a real place or have been there? Well, we were in Romania, so we had to check it out. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a vampire. We picked up our rental car (Joyce driving of course) and began our journey [Read more …]